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Natalia & Agustín 2. - 4. Aug. 2019!

Second Weltkulturhappening!
in der afip! - Offenbach

++ 3-minute-walk from metro station "Ledermuseum"! ++

The idea: Natalia & Agustín are coming to Offenbach to the afip!
We are looking forward to a beautiful weekend with you - no complicated booking.
Therefore, this time we defined 3 packages ranging from "all incl." to "Let's Chacarera".
Every package contributes to sustain art and the money goes exclusively to the artists (Lutz, Natalia, Agustín, Cintia, Lucas).
Additionally, Lutz will benefit greatly from your visits to the afip!-bar inside the venue.
Still we were aiming to keep the financial barrier as minimal as possible since for us, Jan and Leonie, your joy is the most essential contribution.
We are looking forward to welcome you and your friends.

So: Natalia & Agustín have already created a lovely festvalito with us last year and will be with us again on the first weekend in August 2019 - in Offenbach!
As last year we are imagining a beautiful weekend with joy and friends and tango.
Besides 24hrs of milonga total we offer many workshops with different topics.
+ Free-Open-Class - BsAs style! Simply get to know Natalia & Agustin
+ Chacarera workshop followed (if the weather allows) by a hopefully big circle of chacarera cancing on the square in front of the afip!
+ workshops in cooler climate in the souterrain, simultaneously to the miloga
+ taught in Englisch
+ private classes

Our programme in detail:

(getting-to-know, all levels, free)
18:00 hr start with food and dance after work

(milonga and workshops)
11:30 hr to 13:00 hr brunch
12:00 hr book presentation "Tanzen ist die beste Medizin" with meet and greet.
(translation: Dancing is the best medicine)

13:00 hr to 1:00 hr Milonga with DJs
13:00 hr to 19:00 hr Sabine from Mainz
19:00 hr to 1:00 hr SAM GOLD snacks included :)
+ simultaneously workshops with Natalia & Agustín
theme: Stylistic-Musical development

(milonga and workshops)
10:00 hr to 22:00 hr Milonga with DJs
10:00 hr to 16:00 hr t.b.a.
16:00 hr to 22:00 hs Harry Wohlfart snacks included :)
+ simultaneously workshops with Natalia & Agustín
theme: Artistic development

Costs? Support us with:
(Whatever you choose is due in cash at the festivalito)
-60€ for everything. Just come, join in where you like and enjoy (milonga, workshops, chacarera)
-45€ for one day of workshops and milonga (and if you book sunday also chacarera)
or simply:
-15€ for all milongas (24hr in total) in the afip!
-10€ for one day milonga-pass (12hr) in the afip!
-20€ for chacarera
-Privates in coordination with Natalia & Agustín directly (We are happy to help establish contact)

You want to join but you have more time than money to spare? Join our helpers-team!

the programme:

Our entire festivalito will take place at
Akademie für interdisziplinäre Prozesse
( afip! )

By car: The address
or via googlemaps: afip!

You will also find a map at the bottom of:
Milonga Libre

We are looking forward to meet you!

All the best and lots of love,
Leonie, Jan and Lutz


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